TenSixtyFive Returns to Downtown Mobile on September 29th

TenSixtyFive in Mobile Daphne
TenSixtyFive Music Festival strikes again. Sept. 29–Oct. 1, TenSixtyFive Music Festival in Mobile, Alabama, kicks off its annual music festival. The incredible lineup will take center stage and will kick things off with style. It's three fun-filled nights full of entertainment. Best of all, this event is FREE to the public. This laid... [read more]

Get Excited for the 29th Annual Jubilee Festival of Arts

Jubilee Festival Daphne
Art, food, and fun are the things being celebrated this year at the 29th Annual Jubilee Festival of Arts. Art is part of our culture; it's embedded in our souls. It's not just a beautiful picture on a shelf. Art is our family, friends, our community, our food, our culture, and... [read more]

Fun Family Activities in the Daphne Area

Daphne Family Outings
Fun activities are a part of growing up, and it is important that every family partake in some family fun at least once a month. One of the more family-friendly areas in Alabama is Daphne, an area that is rich in history and affordable neighborhoods for young up-and-coming families. If... [read more]

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth at These Local Ice Cream Shops

Daphne Ice Cream Shops
When you are looking for that perfect sweet treat on a hot afternoon, people of Daphne and the surrounding areas are lucky to be surrounded by so many incredible local ice cream shops. If you want to enjoy a big cone of homemade ice cream, dive into a cup of creamy... [read more]

Dog-Friendly Restaurants in the Daphne Area

You enjoy going out to eat every now and then, and so does your furry friend. Check out these local dog-friendly restaurants that are sure to satisfy you both! Rosie's Grill Rosie's Grill serves a delicious combo of Southern and Mexican favorites in a cozy and casual setting that offers dog-friendly outside... [read more]