Get Excited for the 29th Annual Jubilee Festival of Arts

Jubilee Festival Daphne

Art, food, and fun are the things being celebrated this year at the 29th Annual Jubilee Festival of Arts. Art is part of our culture; it’s embedded in our souls. It’s not just a beautiful picture on a shelf. Art is our family, friends, our community, our food, our culture, and so much more.

If you plan to be in the Daphne, Alabama area September 23 and 24, make your way down to Olde Towne for a couple of days filled with culture, art, and food to celebrate the Jubilee!

Jubilee History and Tradition

In Daphne, Alabama we come together each year to celebrate the Jubilee. During this special time of the year, deeper parts of the sea become devoid of oxygen, so the fish, crab, eels, and other sea life swim to the top – in abundance! The Daphne Jubilee Festival has long been a time of celebration, and we’re doing it big with food and fun for the whole family. With the fish being up top it’s the perfect time to catch a bunch and cook them right.

The Jubilee Celebration

Daphne, Alabama has a vibrant art culture. The town boasts an astounding number of artists, art galleries, and places that offer art lessons, so we are celebrating this culture. There will be booths for young and old learners, and interactive exhibits for kids along with food and live music. Art is not just something you stare at an hang on the wall. Art is found in food, in

Art is not just something you hang on the wall. Art is found in food, in family, in music, and so many more places. At this year’s Jubilee, you will have the opportunity to celebrate food art. The Daphne, Alabama Annual Jubilee Festival of Arts is proud to host beginning and seasoned chefs as they compete in the World Food Championship. We are celebrating our culture and our community.

Aside from this being the greatest event of the season, it’s a way to be involved with your community. This year the Jubilee will support your local community, and all donations will benefit the Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce. By attending and supporting the vendors at this year’s Jubilee, you are pouring your hard-earned money back into the community you are proud to call home. If you are not from around here, come anyway! It’s a great way to celebrate local heritage, and support a community with deep roots.

If you like live music, great food, beautiful art, and a great family friendly celebration, then make your way down to the 29th Annual Jubilee Festival of Arts. This year’s Jubilee is set to be one you’ll remember for years to come. Afterward, head to Chris Myers Nissan to find an amazing deal on a Nissan that will also keep you happy for many years to come.